LOTR's Minas Tirith Gets Real-Life Fundraising Campaign

A team of architects is trying to attract billions of euros via an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to bring part of The Lord Of The Rings to life. Would you want to live in a real-world version of the capitol of Gondor?

could house the hotel rooms, and all the windows could be replaced with LCD screens showing the stars go by as if we're at warp.

I'd go to a ski resort that featured a replica of the Wall from Game of Thrones, especially if North of the Wall featured a party zone run by "wildlings."

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I never cared for Hogwarts, but I've always wanted to be a student at Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. The X-Men aren't as hot as the Avengers right now, but that can all change with the right movie.


(Image: Gipdac via

Even if Minas Tirith doesn't work out, I love the idea of living in a city with style and flavor. Residing in Minas Tirith might feel as if you were living in a history park like Colonial Williamsburg. But imagining living in fictional settings inspires us to reshape and rethink our cities. Could we use today's technology to build the San Francisco that is the capital of the Federation in Star Trek? Is that how we'd want to live?

Without a theme park company like Disney stepping in, this project will never happen. But I love the way these guys think. What do you think? Would you live Minas Tirith? What sci-fi or fantasy world would you like to see brought to life? Could you imagine living in a tourist attraction? Tell me in the comments section below.

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