Millennials In IT: How To Talk To Old People 2

There are certain phrases that are like passwords to the heart of your IT managers. And, no, I'm not talking about, "I bought you a fresh box of adult diapers."
Myth: You don't know how to do anything.
Myth: You expect to be constantly promoted before you achieve anything.
Myth 1: You're entitled. Myth 2: You care about your work-life balance more than your career. Myth 3: You still like to party
Myth: The best way to keep you is by giving you a chance to do charitable work.
Myth: Millennials do everything in hordes.
Myth: Millennials can't live without their phones.
Myth: You need structure and constant guidance to survive.
Myth: You need to be showered with praise.
Myth: You have no sense of or respect for history.
I'm not asking you to think or feel a different way. I know you are professional, smart, driven, and all the things any young
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