News Tests Candidate-Search Features

Online recruiter plans to incorporate Eliyon Technologies' database of 12 million professional candidates, helping recruiters save time and money on research.
Online recruiting site is testing the addition of candidate-searching features that would let recruiting professionals save time and money when it comes to identifying and researching potential candidates.

Monster is partnering with Eliyon Technologies Corp. to incorporate Eliyon's database of 12 million professional candidates into its site. Eliyon's technology captures and compiles public information about white-collar workers across all industries from sources such as corporate Web sites, news articles, and Securities and Exchange Commission filings. It then forms a professional profile about a candidate, including past employers and association memberships.

It's the first time Monster has added this kind of candidate researching capability to its service offerings, says Troy Hatlevig, Monster's VP of employer products, North America. "Eliyon has a nice complimentary product to our resumé database" that recruiters can use to automate the process of compiling comprehensive lists of professional candidates, he says.

Carl Lopes, VP of employment at office-supplies retail store Staples Inc., has been a customer of Eliyon for more than a year and says Staples has saved thousands of dollars by conducting candidate research in-house. "We used to pay a number of external research agents $100 per hour to create lists of candidates for us," he says. "Now we rarely use research agents."

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