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Moore's Law And You

Do you really need to build new data centers -- or just more efficiently use the ones you have?
Whether you really need to build new data centers or simply make better use of the ones you have depends on which side of Moore's Law you find yourself.

As we pointed out in our Aug. 20 article on Sun Microsystems' "red shift" theory on high-end computing, IT organizations are usually either challenged by Moore's Law--meaning that advances in processor power and storage densities come more slowly than the growing needs of the business--or they're saved by it.

Foundry Networks provides a good example of the benefits. Its newest data center switches require about 40% of the space needed by a similar Cisco Systems switch configuration, which is built on older technology. Foundry's claimed power savings are equally impressive: It says its systems were designed with an eye toward energy efficiency, but most of the benefit owes to the more compact electronics that come via Moore's Law.

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