Motorola Unveils The Latest Cell Phone Bling

Pricing wasn't disclosed for the gold and silver RAZR model, but if you have to ask...
Motorola Inc. and Italian designer Dolce & Gabban on Thursday unveiled the gold and silver MOTORAZR for people who like to make fashion statements with their cellular phones.

The new version of the MOTORAZR V3i adds to the original, also designed by Dolce & Gabban, an exclusive pendent featuring gold DG initials. Other customized features for the phone include special backgrounds, screensavers, ring tones and unique animations.

The phone includes a 1.23 megapixel digital camera, video capture and playback, and optional expandable memory. Matching accessories, which are available separately, include a Bluetooth headset, a wired stereo headset for listening to music files and a gold leather phone case.

The phone is available through Motorola retailers and Dolce & Gabban boutiques. Pricing was not disclosed, but if you have to ask....

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