Moving to the Cloud? Not Without Your Network Team

SPONSORED: Jim Williams, SVP from BlueCat, discusses some of the key considerations when moving to cloud and what this can mean to your network team.

SPONSORED by BlueCat: In today's constantly connected society, organizations have seen massive savings when they move the right workloads to the cloud. But cloud migration is never easy. Missing just one piece or component of an app or service can have massive impacts on performance and usability. When moving to cloud, one of the biggest, and arguably most avoidable challenges is when we forget to include the right teams in the entire process. One of those critical teams are your networking professionals. In a recent study done by BlueCat and EMA, 88% of research respondents believe that the on-premises network team must have visibility and input into cloud design. How are you involving your network team in cloud migrations?

In this Fast Chat, we'll discuss some of the key considerations when moving to cloud and what this means to your network team. Furthermore, we'll cover what you'll need to ask when it comes to application and service visibility alongside network and cloud controls. Learn about:

  • New research findings illustrating the need for better cloud and network team collaboration
  • The biggest challenges facing executives and network teams when moving to cloud
  • Creating an effective migration strategy that focuses on ease-of-use, performance, and security