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NCR Acquires Video ATM Software Maker

NCR is buying uGenius Technology, which makes the software for video ATMs that offer customers remote teller services from a call center.
To win customer acceptance, Coastal Federal started by introducing the video ATMs at each branch a few months before the location as a whole was converted to remote banking. That provided an opportunity for customers to interact with the devices when the branch was otherwise closed. When the line got long at the traditional teller window, the credit union would have someone on hand to ask customers, "would you like immediate service?" and show them how to use the devices.

"Approaches like that are a must," Ross said.

Without the need to focus on teller operations, branch managers have been freed to focus more on driving sales, Ross said, and that makes a difference. "We've almost doubled our lobby sales now, from 1.58 sales per day to, I think the latest is 2.63."

Coastal Federal was an early adopter of uGenius products (Coastal's CEO helped the founders develop the idea for the company), but has been pushing it farther recently and believes the acquisition by NCR will strengthen the product line. Coastal Federal recently invested in NCR's drive in banking video units as well, Ross said.

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