Neil Degrasse Tyson, Robots, Road Rage: Sunday Video Roundup

A weekly round up of fun, interesting, and geeky videos, including robots we like and Neil Degrasse Tyson.
Robots: We Love The Crazy Things They Do
Robots: We Love The Crazy Things They Do
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Welcome to a new feature I’m thinking of as Sunday funnies 2.0. Remember back when there used to be these things called newspapers? On Sundays they would bring you this giant version of the paper and it included full-color versions of daily comic strips. People made reading the Sunday funnies a part of their Sunday morning breakfast ritual.

Well, I’d like to replicate the same thing with interesting pictures and funny videos. Hence, Sunday funnies 2.0. I’m going to fill it with cool stuff you don’t have time to see in your work week that might boost your day just a little bit.

We’re going to kick things off with an extremely cute skiing robot. Jennifer, the creation of the University of Manitoba, can handle both cross country and alpine skiing. And it looks extremely fun doing it.

For more crazy robots check out our article from this week for robots that cook, tend bar, dive from heights, doodle, and even throw up.

Since I promised some funnies, there is this day time talk show segment on road rage from The Onion:

Personally, I’m all for fights on the highway. There are witnesses.

Finally, every week, I want to end with the geek video of the week.

What better way to start then with a video from the king geek himself, Neil Degrasse Tyson? This week, the New York Daily News got a tour of his office. And it is as fun and awesome as you’d think it would be. The lamp he made in 7th grade is definitely the highlight.

That’ll do it for today, I hope you had a nice brunch and enjoyed the new funnies. Come back every Sunday in your pajamas and start the morning with a well-balanced breakfast of waffles and video.

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