New Authentication Product Uses Your Unique Typing Pattern To Log You In

The new enterprise security technology from BioPassword supports Active Directory and Citrix and tunes its accuracy over time.
Security startup BioPassword on Tuesday unveiled an enterprise-focused, two-factor authentication solution that works with Windows Active Directory and Citrix environments.

BioPassword Enterprise Edition features a neural networking engine that analyzes a person's unique typing pattern and uses the information in the authentication process to bolster security, said Greg Wood, CTO at BioPassword, Issaquah, Wash.

Previous versions of BioPassword relied on the less accurate method of statistical modeling, according to Wood.

In the new version, technology called adaptive learning enables the neural networking engine to build a unique biometric template that fine-tunes its accuracy over time, Wood said. "The neural networking engine gives us the flexibility of adaptive learning as well as better accuracy and fewer false rejects," he said.

BioPassword added Active Directory support in BioPassword Enterprise by bringing on a couple of developers who worked on authentication in Windows 2003, said Wood, a former chief security officer at Microsoft.

Adding support for Citrix will help BioPassword to boost its profile in the two-factor authentication solution space, said Bill Tomlinson, national security practice director at DynTek, a solution provider in Irvine, Calif.

Two-factor authentication gives companies stronger protection of sensitive information, Tomlinson noted. "If you look at recent security breaches, people are gaining access to information they really don't need access to, and two-factor authentication provides you with the necessary extra layer of security [to restrict access to authorized users]," he said.

DynTek recently closed a deal with a school district to deploy BioPassword technology, Tomlinson said. "We see opportunities to use [BioPassword's] technology across the board, to deal with security needs in areas where they don't have the money for token-based solutions," he said.

BioPassword also announced Tuesday that it has received an unspecified strategic investment from Citrix Systems, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

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