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New Chipset Said To Speed Up SANs

Analog Devices says optical transceivers equipped with its chipset and plugged into a Fibre Channel switch could double throughput.
Analog Devices Inc. is shipping a chipset that it says will double the data-transmission rate of storage area networks.

The chipset is for small-form-factor, pluggable optical transceivers that support Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet standards. Analog, which makes high-performance chips for signal processing, says that transceivers that carry its chipset and that connect to Fibre Channel switches at 4.25 Gbps will double current data throughput. The hardware will remain compatible with older transceivers that max out at 1 or 2 Gbps.

The company, citing an analysis by research firm IDC, says that annual Fibre Channel switch-port shipments should grow by an average of 40% at least until 2008.