New eBook Offers Advice On IT Compliance

AlterPoint and Realtimepublishers team to deliver The Shortcut Guide to Network Compliance and Security.

Network change and configuration management vendor AlterPoint Inc., Austin, Texas, and Realtimepublishers, a provider of corporate sponsored e-publishing, today announced the availability of The Shortcut Guide to Network Compliance and Security.

Authored by industry expert Don Jones, the new publication explores both the underlying meaning of IT compliance and security, as well as how to accomplish both of these goals by using new technologies and techniques that can be leveraged across the entire IT infrastructure. Topics include best practice guidelines, compliance and security, compliance methodologies, criteria for purchasing, real-world scenarios.

"Compliance has become such a buzzword in our industry that it's easy to lose sight of the fact that, ultimately, it's just another set of policies we have to deal with," explains Don Jones, in a prepared statement. "I want readers to better understand how to integrate their business policies with industry and government regulations, and to see how various tools and solutions can help them manage both network compliance and security as a single entity."

Delivering an introduction to the fundamentals of IT compliance and security, Chapter 1 of The Shortcut Guide to Network Compliance and Security can be accessed immediately. Chapter 2, scheduled to release next month, takes a look at traditional compliance methods and their failures. Chapter 3 will review new compliance and security technologies and methodologies that uphold the core principles of compliance, while Chapter 4, will discuss best practices for ITIL, SOX, HIPAA, GBLA and other regulations.

Don Jones is also the author of several other books, including Definitive Guide to SQL Server Scale-Out, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Delta Guide, and Definitive Guide to Enterprise Network Configuration Management. Don is a contributing editor and columnist for REDMOND Magazine, an independent magazine focusing on issues in the Microsoft IT community.

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