Non-Profit Brings Low-Cost Broadband To New Yorkers

NYCwireless announced it has made broadband available in 120 housing units in the Bronx, with more to come.
Though New York City hasn't gone as far as San Francisco and Philadelphia in pushing for public access to wireless technology, but one non-profit group has taken steps to make it affordable.

NYCwireless announced this week that it has made broadband available in 120 housing units in the Bronx.

The Mount Hope Housing Company announced that 1,250 apartments will have the service at a cost of only $19.95 a month by early next year. Eventually, about 5,700 residents of the Bronx are expected to gain access through the NYCwireless program.

Meanwhile New York City Councilmember Gale Brewer, who leads the Council's technology committee, said in an interview Thursday that she is still holding out hope for broader affordable access. She said the city is likely to hold hearings on the issue in December, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg has indicated a preference for private initiatives.

Residential broadband access in New York City can cost more from $50 to nearly $100 a month. For some companies, the costs run up into the thousands, according to City Council documents.

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