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NT Objectives App Security Helps Capital IQ With Time To Market

Capital IQ has applications tied to multiple processes and technology--complexity that can be hard to secure. But after trying multiple other products, Capital IQ recently got an early version of software that seems to do many things the previous products couldn't, including enabling IT to secure applications about 20% faster than before.
Complex applications can be harder to secure than everyday applications. Capital IQ, a financial information division of Standard & Poor's, has applications tied to multiple processes and technology. "App security was always a tough thing to get a handle on," says Ken Pfeil, chief security officer at Capital IQ.

After trying many other products, Pfeil recently got an early version of software that seems to do many things previous products couldn't. NT Objectives Inc. on Monday will unleash its NTOSpider product for automated vulnerability assessment. "Other products weren't cutting it for our complex apps," says Pfeil. Those programs involve a myriad of conditions leading to financial advice doled out to customers.

NTOSpider, the assessment software, and NT Objectives, for the customer experience, reportedly combine services including education, guidance, and security process development. According to the vendor, NTOSpider includes automated interaction leading to authentication. An internal methodology helps ensure the most accurate data while helping to guarantee safety and covering comprehensive data. Ultimately, NTOSpider could help cut the time it takes to clear apps for deployment. In the case of Capital, Pfeil says, "We're securing the application about 20% faster than we have in the past, and this has cut approximately 20 man hours on a biweekly basis for code review testing." In other words, NT Objectives has reduced Pfeil's total worker hours by a third.

Pfeil also credits NTOSpider, compared with the competition, for finding missed vulnerabilities, allowing multiple command lines at one time, overseeing repeatable processes, and enabling integrated, presentable financial compliance.