OneSecure Changes Its Focus

OneSecure is moving away from managed security services to focus on security products.
OneSecure Inc. has decided to get out of the managed security services business. It said Friday that its customers' managed security services will soon be provided by Riptech Inc.

OneSecure isn't closing shop, as some managed security services providers, such as Pilot Networks, have done in recent months. CEO Don Detampel says this is just "a little tweak in focus for OneSecure, but we believe it is a good tweak."

The "tweak" is to move away from security services to focus on security products. "It's pretty difficult in this market to execute on both a services plan and a product plan," Detampel says.

Analysts agree. Frank Prince, security analyst at Forrester Research, says that product, consulting, and operations services are very different businesses, with different business models, staffing requirements, and management needs. "Small to medium-sized organizations that try to straddle these different businesses (as opposed to having consultants to support product installation, for example) have a very tough time making resource-allocation decisions and presenting a clear value proposition to customers," he says.

Hurwitz Group analyst Pete Lindstrom agrees. "We know there is a shakeout in the MSSP space, and that's going to continue. And it makes sense to choose between being a product or managed services security company," he says. Those companies "should partner with each other."

Detampel wouldn't commit to specific product announcements, but did say, "You'll be hearing from us in upcoming weeks."

OneSecure launched earlier this year with $92 million in funding.

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