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Open Book 14

The shaping of a President.
This week's book is about the values and experiences that shaped one man's life -- a man who once was a U.S. president. He waited to write the book because it deals with personal subjects such as religion. Booklist calls it "radiant with humility, compassion, and quiet strength."

A pair of excerpts:

"Some of the loneliest and most difficult decisions in government involve the use of military force. The president, as commander in chief, can cause or prevent the massive loss of human life."

"It was only after I entered the navy in my late teens that I came to understand that black and white people should be treated with complete equality. At first, I did not share this new belief with my family. Coming home for brief periods of leave every year or two, I wanted the reunion with my parents to be pleasant and harmonious, and I quickly discovered that the benefits of racial integration on a submarine were not a subject I could discuss freely without a confrontation with my father."

Some more clues: The author of this book is still alive. His last name is the same as that of a Michael Caine character, whose name also is part of the movie's title, from a film made about 30 years ago.

E-mail [email protected] by 3 p.m. ET Thursday with the title, author, and answer to this question: This president mediated a peace treaty between what two countries? Two respondents will be chosen randomly from correct answers and awarded a goody.

Oct. 29 quiz answers: The book was Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Third question: Capt. Randall spooks Claire so much because he is the ancestor of her (20th-century) husband, Frank Randall, and looks like him. But he's essentially evil, and he's convinced that Claire is a spy. The winners are Kristina Krag and Kevin Post.

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