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Open Book 15

Dispensing with technological necessities.
Countering the vastness of the book, which is based on the screenplay of a film often on "best ever" lists, this is brief: "A whole generation of research by heroic but unsung volunteers had gone into the design of the washroom. ... A notice printed in prominent letters announced: Most important! For your own comfort, please read these instructions carefully!"

Some clues: The author of the book and the film's director are legendary in their respective fields; they both worked on the screenplay and book, sharing credit on the screenplay (but the director took no credit on the book).

To this day, people usually love or hate this perplexing science-fiction film. Rock Hudson reportedly walked out of the premiere in Los Angeles, saying "Will someone tell me what the hell this is about?"

E-mail [email protected] by 3 p.m. EDT Thursday with the title, author, and name of the ship with this toilet.

Oct. 15 quiz: Chris Welch's Led Zeppelin: Dazed And Confused; John Bonham's death led to the group's disbanding. Winners: Steve Carrillo and Ty Maple.