Opera Claims It Solves Display Issues

Norwegian browser vendor says its new technology renders pages clearly on screens of all sizes.
Opera Software said Thursday its new browser technology has solved the problem of clearly displaying Web pages on devices with different screen sizes.

Specifically, Opera said its new Extensible Rendering Architecture (ERA) will prevent users who browse Web sites on Mobile devices from having to scroll up and down and from side to side to read the page. That problem is caused by the fact that most Web pages are designed to be viewed on large desktop monitors.

The company said in a statement that ERA incorporates several of its existing rendering technologies. According to the company, ERA "enables dynamic resizing to adapt Web page content to fit any width."

"Opera's vision is to enable people to access their favorite Web sites on any device, and ERA means that users can have a great Internet experience on any screen regardless of a Web page's width, tables, or frames," Opera's CEO, Jon S. von Tetzchner, said in a statement. "ERA technology is truly a milestone in Web page rendering."

The company said ERA will start being an integrated feature in its browsers starting with the next release of its desktop browser.

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