Oracle And Intel Collaborate On RFID And Sensor-Based Applications

The collaboration will provide users of those technologies with better information management within the enterprise.
Oracle and Intel are working to develop radio-frequency identification technology and sensor-based applications based on a common services-oriented enterprise framework to ease customer deployments, the companies said Tuesday in a joint release.

The collaboration between Oracle and Intel will give companies deploying RFID and sensor networks better information management within the enterprise. It will provide companies deploying the RFID systems with an increased ability to manage data collected from the network's edge and integrate it into enterprise-resource-planning and information systems that can sometimes span multiple business partners. Users can then turn the raw data into relevant production information they can act on.

The applications will have the ability to integrate with existing products from Oracle and Intel, including Oracle Application Server 10g, Oracle Database 10g, Oracle E-Business Suite, and Intel processor-based handheld, PC, mobile, server, and communications platforms.

The mounds of data created from RFID networks require companies to have data-management capabilities and significant computing power. Through the agreement between Intel and Oracle, customers will have the applications to manage the data with an option to maintain and aggregate continually changing dynamic RFID data, such as information on the state of frozen foods to monitor temperature as the goods make their way through the supply chain.

The data is managed with help from an electronic product code information service interface built on the Oracle and Intel services-oriented enterprise framework. The interface also will give customers an option to use the open architecture to extend EPCIS visibility to customers, partners, and suppliers through a consolidated view of the entire supply chain.

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