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Palm Debuts Upgraded High-End Handheld

The Tungsten T2 has double the memory of its predecessor, allowing users to carry both business and personal documents.
Palm Inc. on Wednesday launched the Tungsten T2, a high-end handheld computer aimed at business users. The device, which is available now for $399, is an update of Palm's existing Tungsten T.

The device is designed for use by executives who wish to carry both business documents and personal files, says Parag Gupta, Tungsten T2 product manager for Palm. These executives are "the kind of person who buys the device themself, but uses it as a business tool," he says. "They can carry important files, carry their photographs, carry some music."

The T2 features 32 Mbytes of memory, twice that of its predecessor. That extra space will let users store whatever documents, E-mails, and attachments they need, Gupta says.

Other improvements include a new high-resolution 320-by-320 pixel color screen, the same as on Palm's popular Zire 71 model; improved multimedia playback capability; and integrated Bluetooth wireless capability, designed for communicating and synching data with other portable devices.

With the introduction of the T2, Palm is discontinuing production of the Tungsten T, Gupta says. The company also is cutting the prices of some of its other models; the m130 will be reduced from $199 to $179, and the m515 from $299 to $249.