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Palm Officially Unveils Windows Mobile Treo

Palm officially has released its much-discussed and long-awaiting Treo 700 based on the Windows Mobile platform.
First announced last September, the new Treo is expected to help spur enterprise adoption of Palm's smartphone.

Palm Thursday officially unveiled its Windows Mobile Treo smartphone, which is initially being offered for Verizon Wireless' 3G EV-DO cellular data network.

The device was first announced last September. As part of the announcement at CES, Palm said it was rolling out about 25 accessories for the new device. Palm's Treo based on the Palm OS has achieved large-scale popularity in the U.S., but that platform has not achieved acceptance in the enterprise. Most industry analysts believe the Windows Mobile Treo can overcome that shortcoming.

The Windows Mobile Treo will be roughly $500, depending on the wireless service. Separately, Verizon Wireless started advertising the Palm OS Treo for as low as $199.