PalmOne Becomes Palm (Again)

The company sheds the name it assumed in 2003, acknowledging that many people still think of it by its old name.
Mobile device vendor palmOne returned to its roots Thursday, officially changing its name back to Palm, Inc., a name it abandoned in 2003.

A Palm executive noted that the name change could help the company grow since many people already think of the company as "Palm.".

"I'm confident we'll build our momentum even faster now that we can use the same term consumers and business people have always used for our products," Ed Colligan, Palm's president and CEO said in a statement.

The company said in a statement that 27 percent of the people in a survey responded with the word "Palm" when asked to name a company that makes PDAs.

The company was renamed palmOne in 2003 when PalmSource spun off as a separate company to develop and manage the Palm OS. palmOne had to reacquire naming rights from PalmSource before it could change its name back to Palm, Inc.

The company also suggested its new logo would help it as well. The logo features the word "palm" in an orange circle. In a statement, the company claimed that the updated typeface used in the logo suggests a move to digital content while the orange background suggests energy.

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