Patent Issued For Hotspot 'Landing Pages'

Patent covers pages used by hotspot providers to enable users to log on and to change billing and other options.
A patent for so-called landing pages that appear when users initially start their browser at public hotspots was granted this week to Nomadix, Inc., the company said Wednesday.

Hotspot vendors use Web-based landing pages to enable users to log on and to select items such as bandwidth and billing options.

"This patent provides key session customization and marketing features that will become increasingly important to subscribers and PASOs (Public Access Service Operators) as the market matures," Nomadix CEO Kurt Bauer said in a statement.

The patent covers functionality that is part of technology Nomadix makes available to hotspot providers, although similar technology is provided by other vendors as well. The company did not divulge its plans to enforce the patent.

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