Pavilion Upgrades Manufacturing Platform

Pavilion's software is designed to increase production, reduce costs, improve quality, and reduce environmental risks.
Pavilion Technologies has released an updated version of its Pavilion8 software platform for industry-specific solutions.

Pavilion's model-based software is designed to help increase production capacity, reducing production costs, improving product quality and reducing environmental risk. Pavilion8's 2.0 platform has new modeling capabilities, enhanced web service integration and a new metadata warehouse, as well as Real-time Environmental Management and Production Performance Management.

Pavilion8 is a modular software platform based on a modern Service-Oriented Architecture and implemented in J2EE. The latest version enhances analytics to enhance the range of applicability. It also contains a new module, the Pavilion8 Metadata Warehouse that aggregates and stores data for permanent archiving.

An enhanced integration module was added to integrate with ERP applications, data warehouses, historians, distributed control systems and other heterogeneous data sources. The J2EE-compliant Web services interface is designed for portability and to simplify deployment throughout an organization with secure, scalable architecture.

The Pavilion8 Monitor module has been extended to continuously assess key process and environmental variables based on targets or limits. The module provides instant notification to specified recipients. The alerts may be set for a certain time or for predicted variables, helping companies respond to production, quality and environmental conditions.

Pavilion8 version 2.0 powers three classes of applications that enhance production and environmental performance for global manufacturers, including Pavilion8 Environmental Solutions. The application is designed to help manufacturers comply with increasingly stringent governmental emissions regulations. It also helps companies reduce compliance complexities, costs and risks while capitalizing on emissions trading programs.

Pavilion8 Production Performance Management (PPM) applications provide instant and predictive assessments of plant production performance.

Pavilion8 Advanced Control and Optimization applications enhance Model Predictive Control (MPC) technology, which powers the company's industry-specific control applications. Key enhancements include embedded controller performance metrics for all variables and automatic controller parameter change logs. The new capabilities provide greater diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities, ensuring faster application deployment and greater uptime.

Ali Ahmad, aromatics production leader of EQUATE Petrochemicals Company, said his company chose Pavilion8 Real-time Environmental Management (REM) for emissions management because it provides active analysis of data, real-time compliance and emissions information, instantaneous alerts regarding environmental performance and coincident views.

"More than that, Pavilion8 REM can flexibly accommodate myriad requirements, scale to add new emission sources and securely ensure the integrity of our emissions information," he said.

Pavilion Marketing Solutions Director Don Hart said during a recent interview that the solutions allow companies to take advantage of emissions credits trading, while creating records that can be audited to help ensure that companies do not alter records for financial gain. They help prevent manual and keystroke errors while eliminating the need to import spreadsheets he said. Hart said the solutions are more timely and accurate than spreadsheets, and they allow plant managers to monitor operations. They can be customized to log information at specific intervals and to allow access to various sets of information depending on a user's role in the company, he said.

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