PayPal Reaches Out To Developers

A new community site will give developers a place to share code, discuss integration projects, chat with PayPal technicians, get RSS feeds for PayPal system status, and access other resources.
PayPal this weekend plans to unveil a community site that targets developers who integrate the online payment service into third-party Web sites.

PayPal plans to launch the new developer community at the EBay Developers Conference this weekend in Las Vegas, Nev., Tim Villanueva, general manager of the PayPal Platform, said Monday. PayPal is a unit of EBay Inc..

PayPal, which generates a large portion of its traffic through EBay, is expanding its reach to merchants outside the online marketplace. Developers, which could work directly for a merchant or for an e-commerce consultant, are important in getting PayPal on other sites. Integrators often recommend to bosses or clients which payment service to use.

"It's pivotal for us to leverage the developer channel," Villanueva said.

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