Personal Tech Guide 22

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Have A Seat

Achy computerVe have vays of making you comfortable. Achy computer users are supposed to look at the Nethrone and think comfort, not deranged dental procedure. But rest assured, this $2,500 contraption from EMA Innovation aims to soothe. The seat reclines and vibrates, the headrest adjusts, and the keyboard tray and monitor move to suit you.

2 In 1

Kodak's EasyShare V570Kodak's EasyShare V570 is like getting two cameras in one slim package. It's the world's first dual-lens digital still camera that combines a 23-millimeter ultrawide-angle lens and a 39- to 117-mm optical zoom lens. The $400 V570 also records TV-quality video, up to 30 frames per second. Individual frames can be printed like photos.

All Charged Up

Turbo ChargeWe've all been there: You've got to make a call, but your phone is dead. That's where Turbo Charge comes in. The $20 device from Voxred International uses a single AA battery to power phones for up to two hours of talk time. The simple design means it can be used anywhere. An added plus: Turbo Charge is designed not to overload the phone battery.

Macgyver Lives!

Skullcandy's MacGyver MP3 watchTV's greatest gadgeteer now has a music-playing watch named after him. Skullcandy's MacGyver MP3 watch includes a voice recorder, earphone jack, and USB cable to transfer files. Four models with varying amounts of storage, up to 1 Gbyte, cost $170 to $300. No word on whether it includes special doodads to get its wearer out of a jam.

Jumpin' Jack Flash

JumpDrive MercuryLexar's latest USB flash drive, the JumpDrive Mercury, breaks new ground with its paper-thin, shatter-proof meter, based on electronic-display technology, that reports how much room remains. Available soon with 1 or 2 Gbytes of storage.

No Scuff, No Buff

Scratch-Less DiscScuffed CDs can be buffed, but what about preventing damage in the first place? The 20 small bumps on the edges of the Scratch-Less Disc elevate it above surfaces to avoid contact. Scratch-Less Disc Industries and General Electric designed the $1 disc.

Mighty Mouse

MoGo MouseBTThe wireless, Bluetooth-enabled MoGo MouseBT from Newton Peripherals fits in a laptop's PC slot, where it recharges in an hour and saves space in a carrying bag. A kickstand lifts the $70 mouse from the work surface to make it easier to manipulate.

Talking Telescope

SkyScoutPoint the Celestron's SkyScout at any object in the sky, press a button, and listen to commentary about it. The size of a camcorder and weighing less than 16 ounces, the $400 SkyScout can identify and locate more than 6,000 celestial objects. Illuminated arrows in the viewfinder point to an object based on data from GPS and sensors measuring the Earth's magnetic and gravitational fields.

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