Personal Tech Guide 27

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Child's Play

Animi Causa furnitureFurniture designer Animi Causa has taken the bin of plastic balls that kids jump in to the next level: grownups. But instead of letting them roll all over, the 120 nylon-covered balls are strung together so loungers can shape them into whatever they want--a couch, a chair, a bed, or whatever. The cushiony orbs come in two sizes; the larger, about 7 feet by 6 feet, is just under $3,000.

Name That Tune

Hear a song you like but don't know the name? Dial 866-411-SONG and hold your cell phone to the speaker for 15 seconds. If the tune is one of 2.5 million in the NMK database, a text message will list the title and artist, all for 99 cents a tune.

Need Your Net

Nokia's 770 Internet tabletNow you don't have to spend even a minute away from the Web. Nokia's 770 Internet tablet is small enough to fit in a big pocket, but has 4 inches of screen space. The Wi-Fi device runs on Linux. Open-source developers take note: Nokia says it hopes to team up on future software releases. The $359.99 tablet is only available online.

Loud And Clear

USB Phoenix Audio Duet speakerphoneIf you took the voice-over-IP plunge but aren't a fan of the sound quality, take a look at the USB Phoenix Audio Duet speakerphone. All you have to do is replace a sound card, and the $200 phone will convert voice to crisper digital.

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