Personal Tech Guide 28

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Less Is More

LG USA's 50-inch 50PX4DR high-definition plasma TVIf your home-theater system is taking over your living room, here's one way to consolidate. LG USA's 50-inch 50PX4DR high-definition plasma TV eliminates the need for a separate DVR. The 160-Gbyte hard drive lets you record programs straight to the $6,000 TV, without any additional subscriptions, equipment, or connections. CableCard compatibility means you no longer need a cable box to access digital programming from cable providers.

Calling All Fans

Sanyo's MVP phone with Mobile ESPNSports nuts, get out your wish lists. Sanyo's MVP phone with Mobile ESPN provides one-touch access to scores, headlines, and simulated games using a high-speed wireless network. But Santa better hurry: The $499 MVP is available on a limited basis online. A nationwide retail launch is set for February.

Take This Down

Samsung's SPH a800Like to send text messages, but tired of punching your phone's keypad? Why not let your phone do the typing? Samsung's $499 SPH a800 is outfitted with all the accoutrements that come standard with newer cell-phone models, and it also takes dictation.

Get The Party Started

Acoustic Research AW871 speakerTiny wireless speakers from Acoustic Research pack a punch. With the ability to transmit through walls and floors, these speakers can turn your home into the latest party hot spot. The $120 speakers (model AW871) feature rechargeable batteries, 900-MHz wireless technology, and built-in handles.

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