Personal Tech Guide 31

Your guide to what's new, useful, and just plain fun. This week we look at ViewSonic's 19-inch VX924 LCD flat-panel monitor, Shuttle Computer's XP17 Lite portable LCD monitor, the Philips 230W5 LCD monitor, NEC's MultiSync LCD2335WXM, the Samsung SyncMaster 930BF, Swedx's XV1-19AV-AS1 19-inch flat-panel monitor and the LG Electronics Flatron L3200TF TV and display monitor.
ViewSonic 19-inch VX924 LCD flat-panel monitorSpace Maker
ViewSonic's 19-inch VX924 LCD flat-panel monitor has an improved 3-millisecond response time that provides broadcast-quality, full-motion video. The $469 monitor boasts dual analog and digital connections and wide viewing angles. Its slim design gives you an ample screen without taking up valuable desktop real estate--more room for your coffee cup.

Shuttle Computer XP17 Lite portable LCD monitorMonitor To Go
Who says you can't take it with you? Shuttle Computer's XP17 Lite portable LCD monitor weighs 9.5 pounds and sports a carrying handle for easy transport. But what really makes this 17-inch monitor stand out is the 90-degree swivel stand that provides portrait and landscape viewing.

Its price is lite, too, at $389.

Philips 230W5 LCD monitorFun And Function
Here's a monitor for the grownup video-game addicts out there. Philips' 230W5 LCD monitor features fast response times and a 176-degree viewing angle that make watching moving images on the 23-inch screen a blast. Sound like fun? Sure does, but fun comes with a price: The 230W5 sells for around $1,500.

NEC MultiSync LCD2335WXMWork Meets Play
The MultiSync LCD2335WXM from NEC takes multitasking to a new level. The dual-function LCD flat-panel monitor lets you watch television while using your PC apps. The screen gives you the options of picture in picture (live TV with computer applications in a separate viewing area), picture on picture (live TV frame surrounded by multiple TV frames), and picture by picture (split into two live TV frames). The $1,000 price tag includes a glossy-finish screen that enhances brightness and an auto-adjust image-control feature.

Samsung SyncMaster 930BFAh, Simplicity
There's something to be said for simplicity, but the Samsung SyncMaster 930BF doesn't sacrifice efficiency to get there. The $460 19-inch LCD panel has both digital and analog inputs and can be mounted on the wall or placed on a desk. Its 4-millisecond response time and thin-film-transistor display allow for sharp images that are easy on the eyes.

Swedx XV1-19AV-AS1 19-inch flat-panel monitorAu Naturel
Bring the feel of the great outdoors into your office with Swedx's 19-inch flat-panel monitor. Encased in natural timber, the $540 XV1-19AV-AS1 features a tilt-control dial that lets you adjust the viewing angle, and it easily connects to portable video and audio devices.

LG Electronics Flatron L3200TF TV and display monitorSpace Taker
Move over little dog, the big ol' dog is movin' in. LG Electronics' LG Flatron L3200TF is about more than size. The 32-inch LCD does double duty as a TV and display monitor. Images on the $2,250 monitor appear crisp and clear, thanks to the 8-millisecond response time. Detachable speakers provide the caliber of surround sound you'd expect from an LCD this size--and price.

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