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Plowing Through The Snow-Shovel Market

Do yourself a favor: Check out these Web sites for a shovel that'll make this task an easier one.
Just like changing the oil in your car is more enjoyable when doing it with a new set of overalls, snow shoveling is a lot more fun when done with a new shovel.

Before buying one, though, learn how to choose the right one at Right shovel lightens load and Ergonomic Design of the Snow Shovel.

The Minneapolis company Upper Hand sells an auxilliary handle that attaches to most long handle tools. According to the company, the handle will give you more power, leverage, and control, reducing back strains and blisters.

The self-proclaimed world's largest hardware store,, offers several dozen shovels in its shovel department. Choose from silicone, poly blade, lightweight steel, regular steel, graphite, and others, all in various lengths and scoop sizes.

A snow shovel that's reportedly more like a snow plow works like a snow plow on a stick. A curved blade picks up snow and rolls it out of the way via curved ridges.

Internet Outdoors Unlimited offers several high-end shovels geared toward use in the rugged outdoors. For a shovel with an adjustable handle--from 26 to 35 inches--head to Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI). You'll also have your choice of five colors. Finally, offers a bevy of styles.

And if you're tired of shoveling--or even thinking about it--and instead want to brush up on some snow trivia, explore the National Snow and Ice Data Center's All About Snow. Included are answers to such questions as "How big can snowflakes get?" and "Is it ever too cold to snow?"