PortAuthority To Prevent Leaks From Internal E-mail

PortAuthority for Internal Mail enforces policies for regulatory compliance and prevents confidential information leaks.

PortAuthority Technologies, formerly Vidius, today brought out at the Gartner IT Security Summit in Washington, D.C., extending its information leak prevention technology to corporate e-mail systems based on either Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino.

In addition to disclosures of customer information, the new PortAuthority release, scheduled for August, prevents leaks of confidential information such as executive memos, financials, and intellectual property, and enforces policies for regulatory compliance in order to minimize corporate risk, the company said.

The new release incorporates a number of enhancements to recognize improper transmissions of personal information automatically and stop potential identity theft in progress. PortAuthority's identification algorithms detect both variations and combinations of private customer data including Social Security numbers, account numbers, and credit card numbers. The system will detect any private data in transit, even if the information is manipulated, reformatted, retyped, or cut-and-pasted into separate files, according to PortAuthority.

The software handles information from unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data sources and over 250 file formats. It also offers web-based reporting and analytics that provide insight into the magnitude and nature of enterprise information distribution for internal compliance discovery and quantitative risk analysis.

Security and compliance personnel can access role-based dashboards to view executive summaries or to drill-down on protected content traffic by channel, top offenders, and violations over time to establish baselines for employee behavior and diagnose areas for concern.

PortAuthority Technologies also demonstrated at the conference its first proofs of concept for preventing the inappropriate distribution of sensitive information via print and fax channels.

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