PostX Announces Encryption Device

PxAppliance promises encrypted messages that can be read anywhere, anytime, and on any device, among other features.
PostX today announced its new plug-and-play messaging encryption appliance that addresses the current demand for pre-configured reliable solutions to meet advancing security threats and compliance requirements. The company claims that PxAppliance is the first hardware device to enable complete e-mail encryption for organizations. PxAppliance uses the Px Envelope, which means all messages are completely interoperable with all e-mail clients and platforms.

PostX lays claims to these benefites for its new PxAppliance:

  • Fully integrated PostX secure delivery solutions and policy management.

  • Encrypted messages that can be read anywhere, anytime and on any device.

  • Reduced deployment times (company claims the device installs quickly)

  • Hardened appliance resistant to intrusion.

  • Immediate benefit of e-mail encryption.

  • Compatibility with all current e-mail technologies and infrastructures.

  • Competitive pricing.
“The goal of PostX has always been to develop easy-to-use secure e-mail solutions that can be seamlessly integrated, immediately provide value, and meet regulatory requirements,” said Cayce Ullman, CEO of PostX. “We hope to alleviate the cost by providing a pre-configured, easily upgradeable solution in PxAppliance."

PxAppliance allows the enterprise to set the security parameters and e-mail policy when it is installed. It is a rack mount design that is ready to run, includes a web-based configuration program and a simplified support system. An enterprise deploying multiple appliances can ensure zero downtime as well as the ability to scale to meet any size organization’s secure messaging needs. The appliance supports all PostX industry-leading product offerings, including PxMail, PxEnvelope and SecureE-mail.

For further information, visit the PostX Web site.

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