Recruiting Software Encourages Collaboration

Yahoo's Hiring Manager Web app automates handling of resum?s.
Yahoo Inc. is rolling out software to help hiring managers and recruiters collaborate and automate the process of handling resumés. The software also is designed to get hiring managers more involved in recruiting.

The application comes from Resumix, a division of, an Internet job board acquired by Yahoo in February. It's the first recruiting product introduced by the company since the acquisition. Resumix, which is now part of Yahoo's Enterprise Solutions group, also plans to integrate its software into products for Yahoo's business customers. Hiring Manager Web has been added to Resumix's E-recruiting software suite and can be accessed via Web browsers.

Hiring managers typically create job descriptions and skills requirements that are submitted to the compensation department for approval and then to recruiters, who look for candidates, says Mitchell Ogi, human-resources IS and IT manager at the University of California, Los Angeles.

The new software will automatically make resumés that recruiters gather immediately available to hiring managers. The HR department at UCLA has been using Resumix recruiting software for 10 years, but hasn't yet considered whether to invest in Hiring Manager Web. The software license is priced at $60,000, and a hosted version is priced from $25 to $50 per seat, depending on volume.

Ogi says he can see the benefits of getting hiring managers more involved in the hiring process. Recruiters could eliminate or at least reduce the need to manually send resumés to hiring managers by using Hiring Manager Web, Ogi says, and "hiring managers would have more ownership over the job they're trying to fill."

Yahoo aims to revamp the hiring process by integrating recruiting software from HotJobs and its divisions into its broadband and portal products. Yahoo employee portals, for instance, could be used to manage internal job referrals.

Charles Handler, president of consulting company Rocket-Hire, says access to Yahoo's audience and market research could translate into recruiting products that job seekers prefer and leverage what they're already doing online.

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