Review: Apricorn's EZ Upgrade For Notebooks Makes Hard Drive Swaps Simple

I used Apricorn's EZ Upgrade Notebook Hard Drive Upgrade Kit to change out the 60GB drive in my trusty Toshiba Satellite M35 in favor of a Seagate 160GB drive.
The transfer process was simple. I clicked some options in the software's wizard and let the system handle the details. The progress indicator on the Clone EZ software showed the copy progress, and when the process was over I initiated Windows Explorer to check the contents of the new drive.

I brought up both the existing laptop drive and the external copy in two windows and scanned through them to view the directory structure in each. Happily, they were identical so I got ready to move to the next step; swapping the old and new drives.

Drive transplant

I opened the Apricorn enclosure and removed the Seagate 160GB drive that now housed a copy of my laptop's drive. I then unscrewed the cover from the laptop's 60GB drive and pulled it from its mounting, replacing it with the Seagate drive and replacing the cover.

Following Apricorn's recommendation, I put the 60GB drive in the Apricorn enclosure and closed it up. This new combination was immediately available as a backup of the laptop, and eventually as a portable USB-connected 60GB drive.

With no additional procedures remaining, I turned on the Toshiba and waited for it to boot. After the boot process, I logged in to the laptop and ran a few applications (the same ones that were on the system before I replaced the drive) including Outlook, Internet Explorer, and Photoshop. Each worked as expected, verifying that the Outlook data structure was intact, my network and Internet connections were in place, and applications and files were where I expected them to be.

Complete transformation

The entire process took less than two painless hours, with most of the time taken up by the process of copying the old drive's contents to the new one. Once my testing was done I used Apricorn's Image EZ software (also included) to make a compressed image of my drive as a backup. Image EZ allows selecting of compression ratio in order to make either quicker or smaller backups.

The Apricorn EZ Upgrade Notebook Hard Drive Upgrade Kit sells for about $50, and the Seagate drive for less than $100. Of course you can substitute any drive you like that fits both the enclosure and your laptop.

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