Review: iSCSI Modular SANs Are Ready For Liftoff

iSCSI accounts for only two percent of the SAN market, but its low cost and ease of use are positioning it for growth.

At last, there's a real choice in the SAN arena. Once the exclusive domain of Fibre Channel, SAN setups are now available with the less expensive, easier-to-use iSCSI interface. The result is storage that can connect easily in any Gigabit Ethernet environment.

Still, iSCSI SANs are facing the standard catch-22: Few vendors want to jump in with both feet until the technology proves to be a hit, and that won't happen until there's enough choice. As a result, many vendors are adding block-level iSCSI support to their NAS (network-attached storage) lines, but few have introduced dedicated iSCSI SANs.

We found just four vendors with iSCSI SAN modules to test: EMC, EqualLogic, LeftHand Networks and MPC Computers. The EqualLogic PS200E's combination of great features, winning performance and easy setup made it a shoe-in for Editor's Choice.

Editor's Choice
Brandon Taylor, Digital Editorial Program Manager
Jessica Davis, Senior Editor
Cynthia Harvey, Freelance Journalist, InformationWeek
Terry White, Associate Chief Analyst, Omdia
John Abel, Technical Director, Google Cloud
Richard Pallardy, Freelance Writer
Cynthia Harvey, Freelance Journalist, InformationWeek
Pam Baker, Contributing Writer