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Review: Six Rootkit Detectors Protect Your System

While many security suites have a basic level of detection, these standalone tools will do a search-and-destroy on the rootkits that may be hiding in your system.
The rootkit detection tools out there right now seem to break down into two basic categories:

Six Rootkit Detectors

•  Introduction

•  F-Secure BlackLight

•  IceSword

•  RKDetector

•  RootkitBuster

•  RootkitRevealer

•  Rootkit Unhooker

•  Conclusions

  1. Professionally written tools, which seem to be mostly marketed as a way to get people to buy a full commercial product.

  2. Independently authored tools of broadly varying pedigrees and usability.
Ironically enough, it was one of the independent tools — Rootkit Unhooker — that turned out to be the best. I'm not sure that means the big vendors will see them as competition, though, since the indie-written tools clearly are meant for self-appointed pros.

If rootkits continue to proliferate and become as difficult to detect as is predicted to happen, that will be yet another selling point for the major security-software makers to market their own products. But it also will be an incentive for the indies to continue to write and update their tools for their own market, too.