Review: ThinkPad T60p

Lenovo's new ThinkPad T60p is a very successful--if pricey--attempt to bridge the gap between the ultraportables and the desktop replacements.
Before dual core processors and built-in 3G, the big story with ThinkPads was their exceptional usability, security and enterprise-suitability. Those familiar benefits haven't changed with the ThinkPad T60p. Some highlights:

The keyboard remains remarkably well designed with a spacious feeling, excellent tactile feel, and unusually deep key travel for a laptop. Also of particular interest is its touchpad and rubberized red-dot pointing button in the middle of the keypad, both of which provided, when I used them, precise control over the pointing-and-clicking process. While other laptop vendors have, of late, started copying these input capabilities, Lenovo's arguably remains the most usable of the lot.

The form factor also impacts on usability. The ThinkPad T60p is not only extremely powerful, but, as mentioned, its 5.8 pound weight (including an extended-life battery), makes it easy to use in confined areas and on your lap for extended periods.

Also present is the entire collection of Lenovo's (and, before that, IBM's) enterprise-readiness and security features, including biometric fingerprint security and a shock-mounted hard drive combined with a motion detector to automatically shut down the hard drive when it senses the device is falling. Other standard business-friendly features include sophisticated data recovery capabilities and tools to migrate data from other computers to the ThinkPad.

Lenovo ThinkPad T60p
Lenovo Group Limited
Price: $3849 as tested
Summary: The Lenovo T60p uses brand-new technology to powerful effect. An excellent travel companion, it has ample capabilities to replace your desktop computer. It doesn't come cheap, but for many users, the strong benefits will more than offset the costs.