RFID Conference Showcases Asset Tracking

'Smart shelves,' the next generation of RFID tags, and asset tracking are among the wares attendees will see at this week's RFID World event in Dallas.
The breakthrough in the United States for contactless payments has been to securely identify the individual card owner to American Express's credit card system, Bonalle said. "The account number on the chip is not the same account number on the card, so if we see the number show up somewhere we immediately know it's a fraudulent card," he said "We tag every transaction with a unique digital signature that's identified in our server, so we know what number to expect next."

Although the United States lags in deploying RFID-enabled contactless credit cards, debit cards are on the way, according to John Greaves, vice president of the Global RFID Solutions Group at NCR Corp.

But the technology and the terminals are not challenge. Europe is far more advanced, experts say. "The mechanics holding up debit cards are the risks associated with the debit cards," Greaves said. "The federal law rules need to change. I'm not sure if you're aware, but the rules on consumer indemnity are different for credit cards and debit cards."