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RMX Leaves C-StoreMatrix At The Counter

A proposed merger between two marketplaces is dismantled.
Marketplaces may be hitching up to survive the E-commerce shakeout, but not all matches are made in heaven. An intended merger between RetailersMarketXchange and, both exchanges aimed at convenience stores, has ended in an early separation. RMX execs say the agreement in principle they signed with C-StoreMatrix in February expired in April and the deal is off. C-StoreMatrix could not be reached for comment.

RMX, whose stakeholders include Chevron, Oracle, and Phillip Morris USA, allows convenience-store operators to order supplies like oil, petroleum, snacks, and beverages online. C-StoreMatrix was established in April 2000 by i2 Technologies, the National Association of Convenience Stores, and Retalix, a software provider for the retail food industry. It's developing a hosted system to let operators track sales and plan inventory by tracking point-of-sale data by store. The merger was going to offer members a wider range of E-business tools, but analysts say the pair was tripped up by incompatible software from i2 and Oracle.

RMX says the deal never materialized because C-StoreMatrix didn't fulfill its part of the agreement. The technology assets and pilot projects it promised weren't ready and would have created a liability for RMX, says Kelly Heiderich Lee, director of marketing at the firm. She says RMX is developing its own forecasting apps with software provided by Oracle, but isn't focusing a lot of resources on it. "For this community, that app is a little beyond their learning curve."