Robot Hotels, Love Over Soup, More Neil deGrasse Tyson: Sunday Video Wrap

A weekly roundup of fun videos this week including Neil deGrasse Tyson, an all robot hotel, and love of soup.
10 Hot Cities For IT Pros In 2015
10 Hot Cities For IT Pros In 2015
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Welcome to our second addition of the weekly video wrap where we share funny, interesting, and geeky videos for you to enjoy over weekend brunch.

Usually, I plan on ending each round up with a robot of the week story, but I wanted to lead off with one this time. A hotel in Japan was announced earlier this month that it will be staffed almost exclusively with robots. The hotel, part of a theme park dedicated to the Netherlands, (don’t ask me, either) will feature realistic female desk clerks that will supposedly be able to carry on conversations, robot arms for luggage storage, and robot maids. (Do you tip them in batteries?) It will feature other technology, including facial recognition software instead of keys. Thermostats are replaced by the reading of body temperatures in the room.

There were a couple good videos on the subject, but I picked this one since it is narrated by, you guessed it, a robot:

I know I featured Neil deGrasse Tyson in the last roundup, and I swear he won't be in every one. But this video posted last week tickled me nearly as much as his office tour. Just watching his geek face light up when he opens his package is priceless. Like him or not (I know some hate him), I appreciate his sheer joy in technology. Didn't we all get into IT because of our sheer love of technology? Even if our jobs are drudges some days, we always have the joy that brought us here to begin with.

Since yesterday was Valentine's Day I wanted to end on a sweet Valentine's Day moment. This film is a soup commercial of all things. But I love it.

I hope you shared a cup of soup with a loved one this weekend. If not, I hope you're sharing a lovely brunch and some cool videos with someone this morning.

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