San Francisco Best For Free Wi-Fi - Survey

A survey finds that San Francisco has more than twice as many free hotspots as the second-place city, Chicago.
While Seattle was recently called the most unwired city in the U.S., another survey has found that San Francisco is the best city -- by far -- for free Wi-Fi.

The survey released this week by found that San Francisco had 430 verified free hotspots, more than double the number of free hotspots as second-place Chicago, which had 191. In third place was Palo Alto, California with 101 free hotspots followed by Atlanta with 86 and Austin, Texas with 84.

Seattle, while it may be the most unwired city overall, ranked sixth in free hotspots with 81, according to the site.

Not surprisingly, California was the state with the most free hotspots with 1179, with Illinois in second place with 361 followed by Texas (324), Georgia (253) and Florida (226).

Seattle was named the most unwired city in the U.S. in a survey released last week that was sponsored by Intel.

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