Seagate Disk Drive Rollout Includes 750-Gbyte Capacity

The company's largest-ever new product introduction includes storage systems for businesses, consumers, and digital entertainment devices.
Seagate on Wednesday rolled out a wide-ranging portfolio of hard drives for enterprise, entertainment, and consumer markets, including drives with up to 750 Gbytes capacity.

"This is the largest wave of product announcements in our history," says Marc Jourlait, VP of segment marketing for Seagate. "We see a proliferation of content creation, content aggregators, content consumption, and network infrastructure … and we are riding the wave of storage becoming ubiquitous and in high demand."

Enterprise offerings include the Barracuda ES, which provides Serial ATA capacities up to 750 Gbytes. The drive powers RAID systems and other multidrive products.

The Savvio 10K.2 provides high I/O transaction performance with 1.6 million hour reliability and is available in up to 146-Gbyte capacity.

For consumer applications, the ST18 series uses Seagate's perpendicular recording technology to provide up to 60 Gbytes on a single platter in a 1.8-inch drive.

The LD25 series is built specifically for game consoles, home entertainment devices, and small footprint PCs. It is available in 20- to 80-Gbyte capacities.

The DB35 series is available with up to 750-Gbyte capacity and is designed to optimize hard disk drive performance for applications such as digital video recorders.

Seagate also is offering its next-generation Mirra Synch and Share Personal Server, with 320- and 500-Gbyte capacities. The devices allow users to remotely access digital content using the Internet, and share and protect files between PC and Mac computers.

The 8-Gbyte Pocket Drive allows users to keep storage capacity in a pocket-sized device. The drive can carry up to 2,560 digital photos, 133 hours of digital music, eight hours of digital video, or four computer games.

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