Security Built Right In

Unisys adds intrusion-detection software from Okena to its servers.
Hardware and security vendors are answering the call from information-security managers--not to mention Richard Clarke, special adviser to President Bush on cyberspace security--that they need better security built into their computer systems.

This week, intrusion-prevention software maker Okena Inc. struck a deal with Unisys to integrate its Stormwatch protection software into the Unisys Enterprise Server ES7000. Unisys will build a new version of the Stormwatch agent into its Server Sentinel management software to make it harder for hackers to change settings on the server's services processor. Unisys isn't increasing the price of the ES7000s, and the company will add more security and self-healing tools, says Jon Burns, Unisys' server software marketing director.

Pete Lindstrom, director at Spire Security, describes the product as providing many features of a trusted operating system, but without giving up openness.

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