Shockproof 3G Phones Coming To U.S.

A line of shockproof and water resistant 3G phones may soon be available to 3G users in the U.S., the president of Japan’s Casio says.
Casio is in serious discussions with U.S. cellular operators to sell its existing line of waterproof and shock resistant 3G phones, the Reuters news service reported Thursday.

The news service quoted Casio’s president as saying the company was far down the path in its talks with U.S. operators. The phones are already selling with Japanese cellular operator KDDI, which uses EV-DO technology similar to that used in the U.S. by Verizon Wireless and Sprint.

Casio president Kazuo Kashio, however, declined to tell Reuters which carriers the company was in discussions with. He also declined to specify when the devices might be available in the U.S.

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