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SiriusConnect Satellite Radio Receiver Is iPod-Ready

The new trunk-mounted receiver enables other audio components -- even XM Radio headunits.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio today unveiled its new SiriusConnect receiver at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nev.

The single-piece system is compatible with SIRIUS-ready headunits from manufacturers such as Alpine, Audiovox, JVC, Kenwood, Eclipse and Pioneer. The SiriusConnect receiver will also interface with XM-ready headunits from Alpine and Pioneer that are up to three years old.

The new system combines a receiver with a translation device all in one unit, which is significantly smaller than current receivers, as well as with those offered by competitive systems, according to the company. SIRIUS also expects the SiriusConnect to be compatible with additional satellite-ready brands throughout 2005.

"The great advantage of this unit is its ability to interface with multiple in-dash radios that are SIRIUS-ready," said Larry Pesce, Senior Vice President of Product Management and Strategic Planning for SIRIUS. "Plus, the SiriusConnect has a unique pass-through feature that allows other audio components, such as iPods or CD changers, to be connected simultaneously with the SIRIUS receiver. No other satellite radio provider offers this feature."

The SiriusConnect design combines a standard trunk mounted tuner with a translator that is specific to each brand of SIRIUS-ready in-dash radio.

SiriusConnect will be packaged with an antenna for easy purchase and inventory management and is currently shipping to support Alpine and Pioneer branded head units. Pricing will vary depending on the specific brand interface.

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