Small Business Tops CompTIA's 2008 Tech Policy Agenda

In addition to innovations, the group also wants to pass tax incentives for IT training and increase H-1B visa caps.
The Computing Technology Industry Association on Monday outlined its top technology policy priorities for this year, which are centered mostly on workforce, innovation, and small businesses.

CompTIA said this year it's legislative agenda will focus on eight specific issues covering parts of the IT industry it hopes will boost the U.S. economy

"The second session of Congress will be jammed, for sure," Roger Cochetti, group director of U.S. Public Policy for CompTIA, said while announcing the legislative priorities. "Does that mean we should just give up now and wait until after the elections? Heck, no. The plate's still full from the 109th Congress. We've served it up."

CompTIA wants Trade Adjustment Assistance to cover American service workers. TAA provides aid for those who lose jobs, work hours, and wages, because of increased imports. The group also wants to pass tax incentives for IT training and increase H-1B visa caps.

To promote innovation, CompTIA urges Congress to pass patent reform, make the research and development tax credit permanent, and hurry to make white space spectrum available.

Finally, the group wants Congress to pass small business healthcare plans and make IT expense deductions permanent for small businesses.

"We hope Congress has brought its appetite," Cochetti said. "For the tech industry, these proposals represent the main course, but a frugal one at that. With only modest federal investments in our workforce, innovation and small businesses, we know the U.S. economy can be beefed up in a sustainable manner. Importantly, our menu of proposals keeps Congress off the fat farm by helping American businesses and laborers stay more dynamic, productive and viable. In other words -- it'll generate immense economic activity, while simultaneously ensuring that the Federal budget needn't let out another belt loop."

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