Social Networking Sites Continue Meteoric Rise In May

YouTube doubled its traffic from the month before, and all the other top five sites are continuing their strong growth as well.
The social-networking phenomenon surpassed 51 million unique visitors in May, a Web metrics firm said Thursday.

Another popular site, which focuses on people sharing video, doubled its traffic from April to 12.6 million visitors in May, ComScore Networks said., a favorite of teens and young adults, had 51.4 million unique visitors last month, compared with 48 million in April.

The popularity of social networking wasn't expected to wane in the near future in the United States or the rest of the world, ComScore said.

"The challenge for social networking sites will now be monetization and how advertisers will respond to the global marketing potential of these sites," Peter Daboll, president and chief executive of ComScore, said.

The top five sites were No. 1, followed in order by sites,, and MSN Spaces.

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