Software Diagnoses, Fixes Web Apps

Coradiant's real-time session monitor is geared to mid-tier firms, especially content providers and financial services concerns.
Coradiant Inc. announced its TrueSight TS-520 Real-User Monitor, a system for diagnosing, repairing, and reporting problems in mission-critical Web systems.

The real-time session monitoring equipment offers diagnostic drill-down incident management and service-level reporting capabilities in a transparent drop-in system. It is aimed at mid-tier financial services, e-commerce, and self-service portal, publishing, and mid-sized enterprise and intranet applications.

The equipment improves long-term data center monitoring while allowing customers to quickly and easily reveal, diagnose, repair, and report problems in mission-critical Web systems before they cause user problems, revenue losses and other challenges. Coradiant boasts that its box can improve user response times, reduce Web transaction error rates, and help increase revenue performance.

The TrueSight TS-520 uses Coradiant's Transparent Session Extractor (TSX) engine to monitor and collect user sessions while gathering and analyzing detailed forensic information to find and fix problems as they occur. Watchpoints technology pares down thousands of transactions per second pertaining to specific users, sites, functions, and infrastructure elements, allowing the generation of reports on user satisfaction, capacity, availability, and service levels.

The product's Session Snapshot Browser provides user-session visibility. The fully contained drop-in platform immediately reports useful data without the complications of integration, dependence on other devices, or the need for specialized IT consultants. Onboard analytical tools quickly isolate causes of problems, and the infrastructure is Web-based.

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