Soldius Introduces Solar Golf Bag

The bag, claimed to be the world's first, features a built-in solar panel, enabling it to charge cell phones and Blackberries.
SAN JOSE, Calif. — Soldius B.V. on Thursday (Jan. 26) announced what the company claims is the world’s first solar-powered golf bag.

The Soldius Golf Bags from Soldius (Apeldoorn, the Netherlands) features a built-in solar charger for cell phones and Blackberries. The bag gives golfers the luxury and freedom to charge their cell phones and Blackberries while playing a round of golf.

The bag utilizes the company’s Soldius1 universal solar charger technology. The power of the sun goes directly into the built-in panel on the bag, enabling it to charge portable devices.

Soldius’ bags are available in four distinct models, ranging in size and price. They include charging tips compatible with more than 250 mobile phones and Blackberries, including most Nokia, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, Siemens and Motorola products.

Holland-based Soldius recently said it's bringing the solar-powered Soldius1 charger technology for iPods, PDAs and cellular phones to the U.S. market through its United States distributor, dubbed mysoldius.

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