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Sonasoft Backs Up Exchange For SMBs

SonaSafe continually updates a redundant, standby server, which takes over instantly in the event of primary system failure.
Sonasoft Corp. has introduced disaster recovery software for Microsoft Exchange servers with small and medium businesses in mind.

The new SonaSafe application maintains the redundant, standby server by continually updating the data with that retrieved from the primary system. The standby system takes over instantly in the event of primary system failure. And the standby system can be onsite or implemented remotely for greater protection against natural or man-made disasters, the vendor said. There are no distance limitations with the standby Exchange server, the company said.

The increasing dependence on Exchange server, coupled with the expense and complexity of disaster recover has put off many SMBs, Sonasoft explained in a statement. The market was therefore ripe for an affordable, easy to use and automated solution that could be implemented within a few hours.

SonaSafe for Exchange also offers the ability to archive mailboxes and comply with with data retention and privacy laws like Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA. The standby server can also be used for testing, searching and monitoring purposes, and to facilitate Exchange server migration from one version to another.

SonaSafe is available now for $5,280, which includes the backup/recovery application, disaster recovery capability and the pricing for two agents--one for the primary server and one for the standby server.