Sprint Launches 'Push-To-Picture' Service

The service allows users to display pictures taken with a camera phone on the screens of the recipient's and sender's screens simultaneously, all while continuing the voice conversation via walkie-talkie.
Sprint Monday launched a service that enables users to send pictures via Nextel's push-to-talk (PTT) service.

The company touted its Nextel Direct Send Picture service as giving PTT users the ability to display pictures taken with the cameraphone on the screens of the recipient's and sender's screens simultaneously. The voice conversation can continue while the picture is displayed, Sprint said in a statement.

The company said that the service is aimed at business users who discuss events and developments taking place in real time, such as realtors discussing a specific property with a client.

"While sending pictures between mobile phones has been possible for quite some time, Direct Send Picture is unique in the marketplace because it allows customers to look at and discuss an image at the same time," Tony Krueck, Sprint's vice president of product development and management, said in a statement. "This kind of simple and efficient communication is of extreme value to our customers, especially those in the construction, insurance, real estate and public safety sectors."

The service is available free until the end of February, 2006 and, after that, will cost $.25 per picture for both the sender and receiver. The service currently works on the Motorola i870 phone and will be supported in all future Nextel phones, the company said.

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